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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cool things to do with your PS3 without buying any games.

Cool things to do with your PS3 without buying any games. I mean really cool things you can do with your playstation 3.

First off i want to tell you guys how awesome the PS3 is, Playstation 3 is the best gaming system ever to hit the market and I have had them all. Not only is it bluetooth compatible, which rokz by the way, but you can have a playstation 3 and never buy a game and still have hours and hours and hours... you get me, of fun on one.

I got mine as a gift with Modern Warfare 2, which they should rename "crack" and got addicted the very first day. After awhile I started looking for other things to do and found the Awesome web browser.

This (1) web browser is not the ordinary run of the mill gaming console trying to browse the web type of web browser. The PS3 web browser is awesome and is just as good as your computers web browser, better if you have a bluetooth keyboard or keypad. You can do youtube, twitter, anything, you can even do a google search right from your desktop (media bar)

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After that I ventured to (2) Playstation home. Playstation home is the Sims like virtual world where PS3 owners can go and hang out. When I say hang out, I really mean hang-out. You can bown, video chat, play games, arcade and real world types like pool and darts and stuff - you can even make phone calls from your playstaion home home to other playstation owners home and have a conversation using your bluetooth, any bluetooth, headphone, not just sony brand bluetooth. I mean the space is so full of other people that you can nearly live there. You can go to malls, theaters, anywhere you would hang out in real life. This feature alone is worth buying a PS3 for and the best part is that it it absolutely free and installed by default on the playstation 3 system.

Then I downloaded some demo games from the (3) Playstation Store. The first game demo I downloaded was Fight Night 4 and then I proceeded to get my butt kicked by some guy in texas. That's right even the demo's allow you to go online and play - for - free, up yours XBOX360! I hate the fact that XBox charges for internet activities.

I have to be honest I did end up spending money for (4) netflix, I just had to have a jukebox full of movies on my Plasma Screen. Now I can watch any movie I want to anytime I want to and it only costs me $8 a month - the same as it costed me to even get online with my gay Xbox 360. Netflix rules - perfect streaming movies, any movie nearly, with no limit anytime I want.

I guess you see why the ultimate Xbox 360 gamer (me) has kicked it to the curb - I am with PS3 now and perfectly happy. Anyone know anyone who wants to buy an exbox360 and about 30 games and every accessory?

Who's gonna make Modern Warfare 3 since the breakup?

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  1. 1. u spelled "xbox" wrong
    2.you may now be a ps3 junkie (which i will be soon)but that gives you no right to troll on something as beautiful as the xbox 360. it has its awesome fetures too.
    3. although it may seem like i defend the xbox, im actually even on both systems. truly i couldnt live without one or the other
    even games in my mind
    killzone 3 and gears of war 3
    halo series and god of war series (not gameplay, but worth on both systems are even)
    so in all conclusion, you cant really say one or the other is better for the simple fact that nothings perfect, and where one flaws, another excels, it works vice versa for xbox and ps3

    1. If you correct someone's spelling make sure you don't misspell your own gay response..."features" idiot... besides the point he was referring to how the xbox is obsolete by using the prefix "ex-" and learn to capitalize. The internet has made you stupid.

    2. Well said Icthyus, I found his response rather comical. Cory, you are obviously retarted. You should leave the internet and go back to grade school, there you will learn about grammar and punctuation.

    3. Hey you fucking dipshit! Xbox is for people who are too retarded to realize that they are spending money to do something they could be doing for free. I don't care about features because for the most part everthing is free. So fuck off you ignorant bastard!

    4. Xbox sucks they are not equal Ps3 is better in all ways.

    5. Thumbs up for Senior Justin! ------^

  2. Lol. I like this guy.-----^

  3. fail troll is fail ^

  4. and yet ps3 says no game has pushed the console to its full potential yet. the tba release of gta5 is rumoring to do just that though. xbox is awesome for halo, but overall, yeah it doesnt compare. gotto love ps3!

  5. What game is worth getting on the P.S.3? ( I don`t like war-games: MD3 etc, etc)

  6. Xbox is Microsoft....I can't give any money to a company that tried to destroy apple... Besides Microsoft days are over just a matter of time. Unless they take their billions and keep reinventing crap. Hopefully, someday people will do some research and move to Apple. What were we talking about ps3? Oh yeah, I bought the kids ps3, more expensive because it works better than xbox. More features and it's Japanese and lasts a long time. I had a ps2 for 12 years then gave it to the kids they beat on it for several years then it died...this ps3 will last another 10...until unreal 4 can be implemented. Hopefully the economy will regain in 2013 then will see more technology.

  7. i have just bought a PS3 and i have to say it is awesome, my son has had a Xbox for years and although the game play is excellent on the Xbox thats all it is really a games machine the PS3 is so much more. I think game to game the PS3 steals it from the Xbox on quality but what no one has said in this thread yet is how the PS3 is really a true home entertainment system you can do so much on it that it makes the Xbox redundant.
    PS3 is the way forward in the same way no one wants a phone that just makes phone calls no one wants a games machine that can only play games we all want more for our money then just one piece of hardware that can only do one thing

  8. Playstation 3 is above and beyond the junkbox in every way possible!... the controller is the best and easiest to use outa all the game systems every made!... with all the functions (bells and whistles) the ps3 stands alone on top looking down at all the other competition!... the only down fall ( not fir me tho) is the price tag... and sony had to put a heavy price on the system because of the blu-ray technology which is outstanding!... !!!SONY PLAYSTATION FOR LIFE!!!